Tiff’s slow-knit scarf

It's closing on a year since I first started this scarf, buying two skeins of alpaca/silk blend in my favourite yarn store. It started out as a crochet project, but kept growing wider, and wider, and wider . . . I haven't learned how to keep my stitch count consistent in crochet yet. How does… Continue reading Tiff’s slow-knit scarf


Retro Dolls

'Twas the night before Christmas Eve. Candles were lit, the tree smelled lovely, and presents were wrapped and stacked. Outdoors, all was calm. Indoors, I was sweating away like a procrastination-plagued elf, hurrying to get these two dolls finished in time. They'd started out as a "nice little gesture" for a couple of kidlets in… Continue reading Retro Dolls

Alchemy Quilt

Twenty-seventeen, hello. Welcome. Come on in and make yourself at home, why don'cha? There's plenty of cozy space, blankets, books, sunlight . . . let's chill. Over the holidays I took the opportunity to catch up on some back-burnered sewing, finishing this lap quilt that I started back in August. With Christmas presents out of… Continue reading Alchemy Quilt

Blue Jeans no.1 – a year later

I made these jeans a WHILE ago. And by "a while" I mean "a year". Because it's almost October today, and my notes on the backwards-scrawled patterns tell me I sewed these jeans of mine in Oct. 2014. So why haven't you seen them yet? Basically because they're constantly in and out of my closet,… Continue reading Blue Jeans no.1 – a year later

Bambino Crop Top | and a new haircut | and some thoughts

Sooooo ... it's been a while since I blogged, and I've been wondering why. Why I was writing the blog in the first place, and why I stopped. I mean, it's close to a year now since I bought any clothing (apart from undies and outerwear), and it's become so much a part of my… Continue reading Bambino Crop Top | and a new haircut | and some thoughts

Renfrew #3

Happy Friday, beasties. Today I'm wrapping up my Renfrew-ish trio with this linen/cotton creature: Pretty thing, isn't she? I made a dress from this stuff, too, but since I have no first-in-first-out policy whatsoever here, you get the top first. I reeeeeeally like this fabric, even though I look a bit like a flamingo in… Continue reading Renfrew #3

Renfrew Top #1 | MMM Fail

I have a confession to make. Seeing as it's the end of the month and I've posted a total of ONE Me-Made-May blog post, I have clearly given up. Yeah. I'd like to mention that I've worn me-made every day but one, so in that sense it's been kind of a success, but you'll have… Continue reading Renfrew Top #1 | MMM Fail