Tiff’s slow-knit scarf

It's closing on a year since I first started this scarf, buying two skeins of alpaca/silk blend in my favourite yarn store. It started out as a crochet project, but kept growing wider, and wider, and wider . . . I haven't learned how to keep my stitch count consistent in crochet yet. How does… Continue reading Tiff’s slow-knit scarf


Tweed Socks

Some makers don't do socks or underwear, and I can get that. There is absolutely a risk of tedium in making such simple items that we all need in bulk. Okay, no general statements; if you can keep your life running on two pairs of socks and three sets of knickers, power to you. But my point… Continue reading Tweed Socks

Retro Dolls

'Twas the night before Christmas Eve. Candles were lit, the tree smelled lovely, and presents were wrapped and stacked. Outdoors, all was calm. Indoors, I was sweating away like a procrastination-plagued elf, hurrying to get these two dolls finished in time. They'd started out as a "nice little gesture" for a couple of kidlets in… Continue reading Retro Dolls

Alchemy Quilt

Twenty-seventeen, hello. Welcome. Come on in and make yourself at home, why don'cha? There's plenty of cozy space, blankets, books, sunlight . . . let's chill. Over the holidays I took the opportunity to catch up on some back-burnered sewing, finishing this lap quilt that I started back in August. With Christmas presents out of… Continue reading Alchemy Quilt

Blue Jeans no.1 – a year later

I made these jeans a WHILE ago. And by "a while" I mean "a year". Because it's almost October today, and my notes on the backwards-scrawled patterns tell me I sewed these jeans of mine in Oct. 2014. So why haven't you seen them yet? Basically because they're constantly in and out of my closet,… Continue reading Blue Jeans no.1 – a year later

Bambino Crop Top | and a new haircut | and some thoughts

Sooooo ... it's been a while since I blogged, and I've been wondering why. Why I was writing the blog in the first place, and why I stopped. I mean, it's close to a year now since I bought any clothing (apart from undies and outerwear), and it's become so much a part of my… Continue reading Bambino Crop Top | and a new haircut | and some thoughts

Renfrew #3

Happy Friday, beasties. Today I'm wrapping up my Renfrew-ish trio with this linen/cotton creature: Pretty thing, isn't she? I made a dress from this stuff, too, but since I have no first-in-first-out policy whatsoever here, you get the top first. I reeeeeeally like this fabric, even though I look a bit like a flamingo in… Continue reading Renfrew #3

Renfrew Top #1 | MMM Fail

I have a confession to make. Seeing as it's the end of the month and I've posted a total of ONE Me-Made-May blog post, I have clearly given up. Yeah. I'd like to mention that I've worn me-made every day but one, so in that sense it's been kind of a success, but you'll have… Continue reading Renfrew Top #1 | MMM Fail